Neil McDiarmid is pre-eminent in his field and I highly recommend him for his professionalism and  clear-sighted commitment to achieving the best results for his patients.

Neil has treated me for a variety of sports-related injuries over the years, some of which have been very serious. He takes great care to diagnose your condition accurately, drawing on the latest evidence to support his assessment. He follows this with a clear and structured treatment plan which is invaluable in helping you assess your progress. And he is unfailingly courteous and focused on achieving the optimum outcome for his patient.  Professor Monder Ram OBE

"Neil's guidance coupled with his passion guided me through a career threatening injury. If it wasn't for this man, I would not be walking and running, let alone playing football again. Neil's ability to recognise my problem, forecast a prognosis and devise a suitable course of action broken down in to simple steps in order for me to achieve and surpass my aims was invaluable. Not only did he get me on the right track, I had a lot of fun during the sessions and I was highly motivated to go away and work on aspects in my own time. I have played elite level sport most of my life and Neil has been the most effective physio I have worked with to date. I would have no hesitation in recommending this man!!"

Daniel Mason

Having sustained a fracture of my upper arm and shoulder joint I was left with considerable pain and lack of joint movement. I had received NHS treatment with poor results when I was recommended to contact Neil McDiarmid for a consultation. His approach was concise, precise and professional. The following treatments and management carried out were clearly detailed and thorough. The process was entirely hands on, with noticeable improvements at each treatment. I now have a shoulder which is pain free and with full strength and function. I feel that this was entirely due to Neils massive experience and completely professional approach and would without hesitation recommend his work.

Colin Wood.


"I broke my arm 4 years ago told by the NHS I would not be able to have full use again. Neils team sorted it,they were fantastic and so much better than the NHS ,it was not expensive and I now have full use of my arm  and no pain thankyou ... 'Phil 'Derby